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The Unexpected

Well...we are coffee bean roasters. Unexpected. Let's start with that. And six months in we have established roles. I am the roaster and she (Aidan) prefers making cold brew cocktails. So far so good. Farmer's markets here we come. Seriously! More on that in another post. Hold me accountable.

These posts will be random and maybe not coffee related, though I see the sense in making that connection, so I will try. So grab a cup of your favorite Springs Beans coffee☕ and let's talk everything, anything or nothing at all.

The idea started this past weekend as I drove down the freeway and noticed the swamp flora in full bloom. The different depths of green...the layers. All so perfectly laid out in a design only nature can accomplish. So unique to this area, yet underrated. Who knew that a swamp could be so pretty. Not this Yankee. Unexpected. Fake, as my friend described the photo. So unexpectedly beautiful, mid-July in Texas that it has to be fake.

I like the idea of finding beauty in unexpected places. You just have to notice it. Look up and away from the road for a second, from the your eyes on the peace and tranquility of nature. It's there. It's free. And maybe it's lonely. Maybe I was unexpected to it. I was there by myself, mid-day, 100 degrees outside.

The conditions seemed perfect for this low lying region. I looked up the definition of swamp. One variation stated, a situation or place fraught with difficulties and imponderables. It's hard to tell from the photos that there is anything fraught there. Maybe there lurks a metaphor. Dare I compare people to swamps. I do, it's my blog 😎.

This is the Trinity River Waterbird Rookery, for the locals, check it out, it will surprise you. 🐊🐍🐢🐦

Upon considering the above, I was led to reflect and bring to the forefront other things to be grateful. My 17 year olds traveled together, a two hour drive, to visit a friend that recently moved to College Station. What's unexpected about that you might ask. If you knew these girls, you'd know, but most would never expect this to occur. They have had their struggles, but seeing them together like this makes my heart swell and know that they will be ok. No photo to share, I'm keeping this low key so as not to jinx it...well I'll probably share to social media eventually.

Speaking of being grateful, the following is a comment I heard one older gentleman share with another at the post office recently when asked how he was doing. "Looking at the grass and not the roots." 😂😂😂 And I'll leave you with that. Time for a refreshing cold brew. See how I made the coffee connection there lol.

Much Love,

Dee and Aidan

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Courtney Barnes
Courtney Barnes
Jul 20, 2022

The swamp pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing those and your random thoughts. 😘

Dee Dickerson
Dee Dickerson
Jul 20, 2022
Replying to

Thank you for being my first comment lol. ~ Dee

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